Choosing the right property is an important part of your core business strategy. Location is a crucial part of determining your company’s access to markets and skilled employees. Determining the right location to stay competitive in the market while keeping your operating costs down is a vital part of strategic business planning. I understand that. I can provide the skills required to understand your company’s special needs. When I help you find a location, I will have analyzed your location needs with the experienced eye. It takes experience in the market to be aware of and anticipate market changes. It requires a level of commitment to know which questions to ask you to make sure your company is going to get the best value for your money. 

Utilizing my CCIM association we can review demographics and Retail Market Potential for selected sites.  Market Potential analysis is a valuable tool in identifying prospective tenants, investors or buyers for your property.  It is a key element in identifying where to locate your business to better maximize profitability.  Contact me and we’ll discuss how to get the best return for your investment.